Tag: Mageguild member


  • Altaroth

    The current Mayor of Greyhawk, and Mageguild member in good standing. He has a reputation for being competent and reasonable in all his spheres (politics, Mageguild politics, and wizardry). Known to be a generalist wizard.

  • Caliban

    (Text represents party's impressions, not necessarily reality). An enemy of the party. Necromancer. The party has a map of one of his strongholds. He's a member in good standing of the Mage guild. Has, in the past,put a price on their heads. Uses …

  • Brast the Elder

    Elderly illusionist who hired the party to try out his latest spell; a full-sensory illusory world/experience that allows training, entertainment, adventure tacticals. Simulated a marsh battle, and a black dragon lair. Introduced the party to Aerynn.